Install the following softwares on your machine:

Python 3.6
Mathematica 11
git clone
cd psi
chmod +x
./ && ./
cd ..

Downloading PSense

You can install PSense by running the following:

git clone
cd PSense

Configuring PSense

Add psense and MathematicaScript to your System by running the following:

cd PSense
chmod +x
cd ..

Add psi to your System PATH by the following:

cd psi #if you named the directory containing psi differently, replace 'psi' with your path to psi
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`

*NOTE: has been tested on Linux and Mac systems.

Running PSense

Run the following commend to analyze the probabilistic program conditioning.psi:

psense -f examples/conditioning.psi

Detailed options can be found in the Manual.

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